Azadeh Boroumand


As a former Division One Volleyball Player at the University of Pittsburgh and a 3 times CrossFit Games athlete, I have always been the kind of athlete who aims to reach the highest level of whatever endeavor I'm tackling at the moment!  Since I've had my daughter, my mentality has shifted from that of a competitor to the mentality of overall wellness.  My motto is that after every workout, i'm a fitter, stronger and better version of myself!  You will usually find me enjoying a spicy workout that leaves me feeling challenged and exhausted or lifting heavy because it makes me feel strong, confident and accomplished! My ultimate favorite is jumping into a class and connecting with our incredible members and community while having fun, throwing around high fives and encouraging and uplifting one another.  

what can members expect in your class / coaching style

In my class, you can expect technicality, fun, awesome music, good vibes and great energy with the purpose of creating results!  My goal as a coach is to always provide at least one valuable cue to each athlete that helps better their movement and leaves them feeling more confident about themselves and their skills. If my athletes walk out of class having learned something and feeling happy with their heads held high, then I've done my job!


The most valuable lesson I've learned in the fitness industry is that through fitness, I've been given this amazing opportunity to impact peoples lives and make a difference.  By making people fitter, stronger, and healthier I'm able to create more confident and happy individuals walking the planet, thus making the world a better place! This is my passion and I aim to impact and empower people everyday!